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Any donations you may wish to make will go towards promoting this film. We have already covered all costs for equipment, transportation, production, crew and most of the post-production.


But without promoting it, this film will remain stagnant, no matter its quality and content.

We need your help to fund this film' journey to film festivals around the world to increase its worldwide exposure, to bolster the cause of solidarity in Greece, to help promote the concept of everything being possible and to contribute to building cross-cultural bridges in a world that is divided by the rise of extremism and terrorism.

We already were in the Official Selection of the 2017 Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, one of the top 10 documentary festivals of the world, and with it, the film is travelling to many venues in Greece for local screenings. Also, Fair Trade has picked up the film for its film festival in Athens and Thessaloniki (April/ May 2017). Further, we have an offer from one of Greece's biggest subscription TV channels to air the film. 

But this isn't enough. We believe this film and its message has huge potential to influence people's perceptions. It is a story that can unite us in a world environment that is deeply divided.

We have also applied to the following international film festivals, but now we need further financing to get there and promote this film, as well as apply to more festivals: Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Girona Film Festival, Tirana International Film Festival, Filmfestival Münster , San Francisco Greek Film Festival.


Your support will be very much appreciated.
We sincerely hope that you will click on "Donate Now" above and enter an amount that you would like to contribute.

For sponsorships, please download our Sponsorship Packages PDF below.

Total raised: €361



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Richard Gillespie

Ayrshire, Scotland


Panos Kontogiorgas

Aix-en-Provence, France


Gillian Cahill

Glasgow, Scotland


Anna-Maria Antzoulatos



Pavlos Melas

London, England


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